Getting ready for the Home Inspection

Tips For Sellers Preparing For A Home Inspection 

Move any smaller furniture that is blocking areas that the home inspector will need to get to (ex: outlets, electrical panels) 

Clean out utility areas (ex: remove clothes from the washer/dryer) 

Make sure all your bulbs are working, sounds silly but important (ex: attic, garage)

Remove your pets to allow the inspectors to work thru the house without any distractions or potential issue


Tips For Sellers During The Home Inspection

If you decide to stay during the home inspection try your best not to try and "explain" things in the house, something you may think is a big deal might not be and visa versa

Do not try and cover up anything, the home inspectors are thorough and they will find whatever you may have tried to hide and than they will search more to make sure they didn't miss anything

Do not negotiate on anything during the home inspection, again something that may be a red flag for you may not be for your buyers

Keep your distance, do not hover over the home inspector stay available IF he has a question otherwise he is a professional allow him to do his job 

Don't expect to have the report immediately - the first person to get a copy of your homes inspection will be the potential buyer who than can share it with you

  Tips for Buyers
There are some great tips on the National Site (ASHI)
American Society of Home Inspectors

Below is the South Carolina Licensure Law governing Home Inspectors:
South Carolina Licensure (Title 40, Chapter 59, Article 3) enacted in 1996. South Carolina law requires any person desiring to be a licensed home inspector to file with the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission. A home inspector must show to the satisfaction of the Commission that he is currently certified as a home inspector by an organization recognized by the Commission, that he has a minimum of one year of experience as a home inspector under the supervisi on of a licensed inspector, and that he has performed a minimum of fifty residential inspections.
For more information, including Rules and Regulations, contact the
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation,
Residential Builders Commission
(803) 896-4621 main
(803) 896-4696 for Home Inspectors

For questions about home inspections call or email me:
Sue Lucas
Broker Associate
Re/Max Southern Shores


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