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Pets tug at your heart.....

Wow, today is such a hard day for me.. I had to put down, not 1 but 2 of my poodles.  Bradley was 17 and Elvis was 16.  They were 1/2 brothers and were together through everything.  Elvis wouldn't even pee anywhere else unless it was right by his brother.

Bradley was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in May 2011.  He lived longer than the 6 months the vet gave him at that time.  Elvis has had seizures since he was a puppy and developed tumors growing on him over the past 2 years.  They both lost control of bladder and had to be let out almost every 15 minutes, thank goodness for my hubby that he was able to be here with them the last year when it got so bad.
Bradley could hardly walk anymore, most times falling down and having a hard time getting back up. The last couple of nights he was becoming very restless and could not settle down to sleep... He also was losing control of his bowels.  Today I woke up and just made that tough decision it was their time.  I needed to let …