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10 to do for online success

1. Can you be found? Go where the buyers and sellers already are! Buyers and sellers are talking online in forums like Trulia Voices, Twitter, Facebook. Seek out the places they are participating and engage! 2. Make it about them- Focus your marketing efforts on what is in it for the consumers. How can your services help solve their wants, needs and problems? 
3. Profiles- are your online Profiles complete?  Photos? About you - resume? how do they contact you?
4. Twittering - are you on and using Twitter to get your message out?
5.  Facebook - engage with the "right" people - ready, willing and able to do business with you.
6.  Personal Website - update your website with current content, check your contact info,  connect your blog with your website.
7.  Advertising - Online, are you putting in a "call to action" and directing them back to your website?
8.  Follow - up - probably the # 1 reason in converting leads is the response from the agent.  How quickly do you respon…