"A picture is worth a thousand words"

How many times have you heard that old adage?  I think of it everytime I look at photos in the MLS!!

In our business great photos can make the difference in a sale or no sale!! Show or now show?  How are your photos?  When was the last time you updated that listing you have had listed for over 6 months?  Take new pictures of the outside.  Did the seller change anything inside?  Are your pictures blurry?  Put yourself in the place of an online Buyer searching listings online.. how do your pics compare to other comparable homes?

while scanning the MLS I found blurry pics,

Pic with flash in mirror

pic with outside light being washed out

this pic has what appears to be (maybe) a bottle of beer?? person in doorway and stuff left on countertop;

and my pet peeve - the toilet seat lid cover is up.

all of these photos can be corrected with just being aware of what you are looking at!!!!!

 Photo tips:
1.  Check resolution of camera
2.  Lighting: Avoid shooting rooms in direct sunlight. This strong light can cast shadows.
     Soft lighting conditions are best.
     Try taking photos at dusk and turn lamps on.
     Try not to turn on overhead lighting.
3.  Clean off countertops

Remember, a picture could be worth more than just a thousand words!!!


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